What are Ticks?

A parasitic arachnid that attaches itself to the skin of a terrestrial vertebrate from which it sucks blood, leaving the host when sated. Some species transmit diseases, including tularemia and Lyme disease.

Quick Facts

  • For an ecosystem to support ticks, it must satisfy two requirements: the population density of host species in the area must be high enough, and humidity must be high enough for ticks to remain hydrated.
  • Ticks unable to find a host to feed on will die.
  • Ticks find their hosts by detecting animals' breath and body odors, or by sensing body heat, moisture and vibrations.

Deer Ticks

  • Often mistaken for Brown Dog Ticks.
  • Virtually painless bites.
  • Known to carry Lyme disease.

Brown Dog Ticks

  • Capable of laying thousands of eggs on any surface.
  • Transmit Rocky Mountain spotted fever.