What are Beetles?

An insect of an order distinguished by forewings typically modified into hard wing cases (elytra) that cover and protect the hind wings and abdomen.

Quick Facts

  • Beetles often feed on plants and fungi, or break down animal and plant debris, and even eat other invertebrates.
  • Beetles are the largest order of insects, with 350-400 thousand species in four suborders which makes up about 40% of all insect species described.
  • Beetles take up about 30% of all animals.
  • A single female Beetle can lay several dozen to several thousand eggs during her lifetime.

American Spider Beetle

  • Common signs include holes in packaging, and webbing in foods.
  • Eats moldy or unusable products.

Stink Beetles

  • 30% can spray predators with a smelly secretion as a form of self defense.
  • Stink Beetles without that ability sometimes mimic the action to scare away predators.